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B.L. Wallace Distributor, Inc.

One of Southern California's Largest Distributors of Underground Enclosures

About Us

B.L. Wallace Distributor, Inc.

Founded by Betty Lou Wallace in 1977, B.L. Wallace Distributor is a master distributor for the largest manufacturer of plastic, polymer, and concrete enclosure products.

Under the direction of David Peters, our team works proactively with the manufacturer to address specification changes and compliance issues to better serve our clients.

Our associates are committed to excellence in providing the appropriate products for our clients earning us respect and loyalty in the fields of Electrical, Plumbing, Irrigation, and Telecommunication.


Our goal is to assure that every job is done right the first time.


Our Enclosures

  • Concrete

    • The Christy product line is specified by a number of municipalities throughout the United States.

  • Duralite®

    • The performance you need - the ease of installation you love. The strength of polymer concrete at only 50% the weight. Available in both Tier 15 & Tier 22.

  • Fibrelyte®

    • A proprietary formulation of polyester resin, fiberglass, and calcium carbonate yields lightweight, high strength enclosures. This composite is stronger, easier to handle, and much lighter than concrete, saving both time and money during installation, service work, and transportation. 

  • Plastic

    • The Carson® product line offers a wide variety of sizes and is preferred and specified by industry professionals nationwide.

  • Polymer & FRP

    • Oldcastle Polymer® is produced using a precise dry mix of select gravel and sand, which is bound with resin and fiberglass fabric. Available in both Tier 15 & Tier 22.

Why B.L. Wallace Distributor?

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